Monday, May 3, 2010

Sad..Happy, More Happy than Sad!

See that....that right there.....that black thing inside the other black thing!!

Do you see that?  What is that?  What could it possibly be???  I pulled a stupid the morning I left for St Louis and the Mary Englebreit Home Companion Workshop.  I bought a new purse and was leisurely moving things from the old one to the new one.  Glanced at my boarding pass and saw 10:05.  OMG, I thought the plane left at 10:37!!  Grabbing and loading, I rapidly got on my way.  After several other Stupids that will go unmentioned, I met up with friend Peggy and new friend Pam and got on the plane.  Flying merrily to Mary, I I remember moving my camera into the new is always in my purse!!  Looking frantically....NO CAMERA!!!  I  just deflated...going to see Mary & her camera.....I did have my Flip Camera and Iphone so I would make do!  It was a wonderful event!  All I can do is show what I brought home...

My sweet Travel Tray from Charlotte Lyon's class.  I still have to tweak it but I will make this again!

My Wendy Addison Shell & Mossy Victorian Whimsy!  Wendy is a tiny talented thing.  Really enjoyed her class.  I still have to tweak this lady too.  Didn't want her to really look like a bride.  You can see her back in the mirror where she also sports shells.
I also took a class from Linda Solovic (who was new to me) which I enjoyed and learned alot.  Took my first Claudine Hellmuth class.  She is a total hoot!!  I have to finish up details on both of these projects.
Mary, Barbara & Co prepared the most wonderful event for us with lots of great details.  Mary was everywhere which made us all so happy.  She is just so NORMAL!  How refreshing that was.

My roommate Carolyn from Atlanta (who does not blog!) decided it would be wise for us to buy the print that was the graphic for the workshop.  Graciously Mary & all the artists signed their books, prints, etc...  We were asked to make name tags using our imagination and prizes were awarded at the reception Thursday night.  Carolyn won a prize for hers but since I had no camera, no pictures...bummer.  But Mary did sign my nametag with my white gel pen that seemed to have lost its verve.  I know what it says though!!  See the tiny squiggle in the top right corner??

 Close up of the squiggle!

We had a wonderful luncheon with panelists Mary, Marcia Ceppos of Tinsel Trading in NYC, Amy Butler and Dena Fishbein (she was new to me...must investigate) led by MargoTantau of Hallmark who also seeks out new talent & then they gave away loads of door prizes!  The gift bags were fabulous too!  I didn't win anything at the lunch but they discovered more prizes & came by our classes to gift us.  My luck changed as I won 4 adorable little Jennifer Murphy creatures!!

Aren't they adorable??

Peggy had arranged for a tag swap with some of the ladies coming to the Workshops and boy, did we get some beautiful tags!  Everyone is thinking about doing another one.  Even the little cuties are amazed!

Peggy did August & put it all together along with running our Yahoo Group for the Workshop.  Below hers, the adorable girl with the glasses is Carolyn's tag.  She had layers and layers on that one tag.  You should see the back.  Mine is peeking from under hers.  There were so many great tags!
Other than forgetting my camera, it was a great time.  Wish I could have seen more of St Louis.  Learned about Provel cheese which is tasty, Maryland Street has great shops & look forward to sitting out there with these great MEHC pals again next year.  Carolyn & I were walking after our last class to find an antique store we had been told about....Carolyn said, "Look up there!"

See that open window over the right one there is a little frame...a stained glass ME.  Guess whose office that is?  Isn't that just TOO COOL!!!
Lesson learned....if you go somewhere really, really special....make sure you have your damn camera!!  Can't wait to check the blogs of the ladies who shared this weekend, they HAD their cameras!!