Monday, April 5, 2010

Seeking Antiques & Bluebonnets

My BFF & The Daughters went to Marburger on Good Friday.  Lovely drive through the bluebonnets...
We go every time the last few years.  Sometimes we find lots of goodies, sometimes not...
This was a not so much time.  Didn't take any pictures but this is what I bought...

Two vintage dishtowels from Ludmil at Willow Nest...didn't see Linda.  And...a little letter holder that I thought was too cute to pass up.  Really enjoy Marburger, saw friends & a Silver Bella pal who was a vendor but wish I had fallen "in love" with more things.

But back home & enjoyed a lovely Easter Day with family & friends.  Think I made my son happy by doing Easter baskets one more time.

Promised I wouldn't post this but aren't they cute?  Same baskets they have had since they were tiny kiddos except my son had to share his with his bride.  He looks for the paper mache egg with $ in it, my daughter loves the chocolate.  Both learned well from their mom, right? 
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter.


  1. Very cute letter holder! Trish and I went to Marburger, too, and I kind of felt the same way. I was excited to find a small round gold frame with a picture of Marie Antoinette in it, so I went home happy. What I really wanted was a big Mary and Jesus statue, particularly the beautiful robin's egg blue one. But, my mom's voice was in my head, disapproving of religious items reduced to decorations. Plus, my budget was a couple thou (as in thousand, not thou as in "you!") short. It was fun to be with Trish, too, and we kept looking around hoping to see you.

  2. Your vintage letter holder is so sweet! Wish I could have gone to this.

  3. Hi Friend, I'm planning a trip out to Texas from CA in Sept for Roundtop. It will be my 1st trip to Texas & the antique festival...I can't wait. Maybe, I'll see you there!

  4. Glad you went to Marburger! Loved the kids' pics, too. Can't wait to see your stuff from St. Louis!