Thursday, September 16, 2010

SO Excited!!

In my last post, I mentioned Theresa at Garden Antiques Vintage had steered me to a new friend, Fancy, at Cactus Creek Daily who had a great offer for bloggers going to Marburger Farm Antique Show.  Well...I hopped on over & partook of her offer!! (Kinda like partaking of hats at Target..guess that is where I got that word).


THIS came in the mail today.  I never win/enter anything on time!!  Yeah, two passes to Marburger & if you look says PRESS CREDENTIALS!!!  Nevah thought I would be called Press!  & Fancy said there would be a gift....
And there WAS a little bag inside with the ticket card tied on with cute black ribbon....

It's a Marburger t-shirt!!!! which does have a little note on it to stop in & exchange for another size which this girl will have to do!  I am just really excited because truly I never am anywhere in time for anything so I really appreciate Fancy & Marburger Farms for this opportunity.  Now if I can only find my battery changer for my camera that I put in a REALLY safe place when we remodeled our bathroom & I cleaned out my closet, I will be acting like the Press & showing ya'll Marburger! 

On another exciting note....went to Peggy's last weekend for a play date!!  The delightful Ms. Julia of Mizjuney came & showed us how to make her photo blocks!  What fun!  I did manage to take a couple of pictures....

I have a friend at work who just had a Grandbaby.  I made this for her to display his pictures in her office.  Just loved making this & plan to make more!  Julia also makes a cute little photo block that is on my list of to-dos also.

You can tell by the background....there was some eating going on too!  Of course, duh!!
And then we also worked on these cuties!

Julia made this one but that  to-do list will get going soon on this one too.  I do have time!  Peggy had the cutest vintage Halloween paper that she had in her hoarding box that I wish I had.  I did find some posts cards with the same image online & ordered them.  As soon as they get here, Mod Podge will fly!  We had a great day.  My best friend, Cindy & her daughter, Vanessa went with me & it just doesn't get any better!  Crafting with friends!  I first met Peggy & Julia the first year I went to Silver Bella so it was a re-connecting day too.  She has some of the coolest stuff!  Loved just looking at her stash.  Julia had great pics of Peggy's "stuff" on her blog not too long ago at the 1st play date.

So plans for Marburger are shaping up & it is coming fast...September 28 to October 2nd!!  I have to get busy & find a pull cart that I can fancy up like the one Ms Debbie had at Canton the weekend I was at the Gilded Nest.  I thought I took a picture of it but guess I didn't...  I still need to finish my post about our bath remodel & THAT weekend as a "Gilded Girl".  Can't wait till October 22nd when I go back...


  1. I'm so excited that you told me about the antique market (hat's not what it's really called, I guess) this weekend, since I can't make Marberger. Trish and I are going.

  2. What a fun event I wish I could join in!!

    I have a Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  3. I can't believe you updated your blog! And look at you with a press pass!!!!

  4. Debe, Were you at the Blog Party at Theresa's on Sunday night? I was too! And there were so many people I'm not sure I saw everyone! And I am going to be at The Church for the October Event (Is this your first?). I live near enough to drive in but, it is FAR so when I saw your note about The Radisson I thought I'd ask if you would send me the information ( because I am thinking maybe Sandy & I might stay there too if the rate was good. I can't wait to meet you in person. Charlene

  5. Charlene, I just emailed you. Thanks for stopping by!