Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Better Late than Never??

I am only two weeks late posting about our Valentine weekend excursion....
My daughter has wanted to run a marathon for years. She registered for the Houston Half-Marathon several times over the years and when the event rolled around, injuries kept her from running. She has been a runner since high school and a marathon has been the carrot out there. She started training last summer with a marathon group...and when it was time to register for the Houston Marathon....another injury made her doubt her ability. The Houston one fills up literally in hours (what is wrong with these people??), so she missed signing up. Not one to take no for an answer when she makes up her mind...she registered for the Austin Marathon. So....Valentine weekend we all made the trip to Austin.
Can't go to Austin without stopping into Uncommon Objects, can you? Course my hubby was with me as we ducked into there late Saturday afternoon, so I didn't buy a thing. But this one booth really caught my eye....the owner grouped vignettes by color, it was striking....
The green bottle is really the standout and the walls are green but everything else has little bits of the color so it really appears very green. I would love to have that bottle but put it where???

This blue grouping was just lovely. Those hanging letters, the fabric...just really pretty. Next time, I need to be able to really browse.

We caught my daughter and her friend from San Francisco at the 14 mile and 20 mile points to cheer them on and offer orange slices and encouragement. Then it was off to downtown to see them finish!! As we walked from our car, we passed this beautiful house. The grillwork was incredible! All wrought iron....and look at those blue skies. It was a perfect day for a marathon especially with all the rain we have had lately.

And......... as we rounded the corner.....

Look who occupies the building!! Texas Teachers! My daughter is a teacher so I was glad to see such an honorable group spends their days in that beautiful Texas landmark house. Good for them!

Then as you look down onto Congress, there is a party going on!!

Of course, if there is anything going on in Austin, let's make it a party!! Thousands ran the event and if everyone had a cheering section, there were LOTS of people there!

Here they come!!

It was really exciting to watch all the runners come in and know that they were finishing something most of us cannot imagine. I can't run one mile, let alone 26.2!
The Capital is in the background but doesn't show in this picture. It is a great way to finish such a grueling race.

There is the FINISH LINE!!

Which they did cross and I did not get a picture!! As they passed us, we hauled off to get to them on the end. So no pics of the actual crossing! We are very proud of our runners and by the next morning, she was really feeling those Austin hills. She hopes to run in a Texas Independence Relay next weekend IF the knee will recover from the marathon. Our bodies are amazing at what they can do and how they remind you of it afterward! We had a great weekend, ate at Kerby Lane (one of her favs) that afternoon after they recovered a bit and then meandered home on Monday. A great adventure and a nice way to spend Valentine's Day.


  1. Hi Debe-
    I am also a Texas blogger and I just found your blog this evening.
    My daughters raved about Uncommon Objects when they were there last month, but I have never seen it.

    I'll have to put that on my list1

    White Spray Paint

  2. Have you ever been to Hyde Park in Austin. It's full of beautiful Victorian homes. There's a tiny old grocery (about the size of a large bedroom)store, complete with front porch bench, metal coke cooler and screen door. It's adorable and they make great sandwiches. The name is Avenue B Grocery. Not surprisingly, it's on Avenue B.