Monday, February 8, 2010

Gray & Grey

Twice a year there is a wonderful antique show in Houston, Urban Market. It is a really small version of Antique Week in Round Top. My BFF Cindy & I almost always go & sometimes one or both of our daughters will go with us. It is only open Sunday from 9 until 4. We have gone in the middle of the day & first thing when they open enjoying ourselves at all times. There are some wonderful dealers, even some that are also at Antique Week. One year it had rained & mud was everywhere but we still had fun. Saturday in Houston was one of two sunny days we have had in about a week. They had a lovely day to set up. Sunday dawns Gray or Grey, however you want to spell it! We met up & hurried down in great spirits with an eye on the sky. It was chilly but the day usually warms up. This Super Bowl Sunday it did not!! We were chilled when we got there but by the time we left we were numb. It is a lovely show, but we were not expecting it to stay 50 degrees with no sun.

See that sky? See the mud ruts? See the cedar chips to absorb the water? See those cold people? Some of the vendors were wearing their wares around their waists to keep warm. Bless their hearts!

Had we dressed better, we would have been okay but we didn’t. I know some parts of the country had inches of snow. Sorry but we are spoiled! Only one purchase was made…. Not to go home empty handed, we ventured off to lunch in The Heights at our favorite sandwich shop there, Carter & Cooley. Yummy & warm inside. We did find the cutest new shop, Sew Crafty. I found some great fabrics, even some Amy Butler & some felting wool & needles. Don’t know how to felt but now I can learn! Then we tucked into Jubilee which is always an interesting browse.

Bingo again, I found some of the wrapping paper that Pam Garrison licenses through Papaya! Don’t have immediate plans for it but I love Pam’s drawing so I was tickled pink to have it. All in all, sad that Urban Market wasn’t warmer so we could stay longer but the day turned out successful! Time with a good friend & the Saints won the Super Bowl so it wasn’t all so Gray after all!! Dat is dat!!


  1. You don't give yourself enough credit, you are very talented and clever! :)

  2. It's fun to see your name in print, BFF. I enjoyed your review of Sunday's events. I am sorry I haven't had to time to comment on your launch, but congratulations! You are a very talented person and you are an awesome friend!
    Keep on sharing your thoughts and talents.

  3. What fun!!!!!!!!! Do you think it will snow tomorrow? We can sooooooo blog about that!

  4. Seeing your pictures of the houses in Austin makes me think that there may be something to that reincarnation thing. There must be some explanation for the way those houses make me feel comfortable.

  5. Did you lay out the fabric and paper in that picture? So casually done but so effective! Looks great. Pretty fabric and papers make the possibilities seem endless, don't they?